This Blog: An Apologia

In penning an apologia, it would appear that I’m on the backfoot before this blog has even begun. And, yet, it feels inexplicably neccessary. Whilst lacking the theological tensions, intentions, and pretensions of John Henry Newman, it feels important – in a veritable ocean of bloggers more articulate than I – to adumbrate what this blog is for; what does it intend to achieve; why; and how?

      This blog, in part, is my attempt to ensure I avoid the ahedonic lassitude and objectlessness I think will come to the fore now I’ve finished my English BA. I suppose its analogous to long-distance running: if you suddenly stop working at the rate in which you have, immediately, after traversing a great distance (or so one hopes), you can severely damage your health – in more ways than one. And, so far, every time I finish an academic year, or am between semesters, I have inevitably crashed, fallen ill, and have had to build myself back up again due to suddenly stopping for a breather. Ergo, in making this my project for the forseeable future, then, I hope to move myself into a calmer though still industrious state of mind!

All men who have turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education” – Sir Walter Scott

But what is the purview of this ostentatiously dubbed ‘project’? Well, now I have a marked degree more autonomy, I can throw myself into reading and re-reading books that have drawn my eye before, during, and after my formal studies, but that have sadly had to take a backseat in the face of more pressing demands. Scott’s quote articulates my sentiment succinctly and, as an adept truant yet continuously bookish, back-bedroom casualty, I feel like reading and writing about all that ensnares me should prove a pursuit easily motivated.

There are reams of Modern and Contemporary prose, poetry, plays, and philosophy (all the p words!) I want to provide critical exegeses of – here – in order to keep myself challenged and occupied during this interstice between UG and PG study. Having this space will enable me to run the gambut of them, hopefully providing a sui generis analysis of the political and contemporary valences of an array of (largely) twentieth and twenty-first century texts, music, and art. Who knows? Moreover, I hope to share opinion pieces reflective of my experiences. Regardless of what is to come, I don’t intend to broach this with too rigorous a schedule; nor to declare any intentions beyond writing, something, and challenging myself to exceed these four walls.

In a word, welcome; welcome to my self-indulgent, self-care project/warehouse/blog! Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here in the not too distant future. Or not.

Published by CJGriffin

I am a PhD Researcher of Contemporary Anglophone Literature at the University of Warwick. I mainly research 'the secret', neoliberalism, and the novel since the turn of the twenty-first century in Britain, drawing on literary studies, politics, philosophy, history, poststructuralism, postcritique, affect theory, and aesthetics.

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