Museums can be nice. I liked the Montréal Museum of Fine Art very much. But I think I miss the metro more. It put London to shame. And I suppose I miss poutine. And Christmas spent alone in an equally lonely city, an island of nearly two million missing for a day. And I miss how easy it was to buy the homeless Tim Hortons on the pound; an old man in the cold smiles custard into his beard, between the empty hands of a clock. And St Joseph’s Oratory, of course, of course, with its ceilings higher than all hopes, where I indulged having a late religious experience before admitting it was altocelarophobia. I miss Mount Royal, that tableau in the tundra, etched from the summit, from which Leonard Cohen’s face peered over a frozen city. Yes. Museums can be nice.

Published by CJGriffin

I am a PhD Researcher of Contemporary Anglophone Literature at the University of Warwick. I mainly research 'the secret', neoliberalism, and the novel since the turn of the twenty-first century in Britain, drawing on literary studies, politics, philosophy, history, poststructuralism, postcritique, affect theory, and aesthetics.

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