About Me

My name is Christopher Griffin. Professionally, I write and speak as C.J. Griffin. Informally, ‘Chris’ is fine. I come from Northampton, England, but I wasn’t born there.

Presently (2020-2024), I’m a doctoral researcher of Late 20C and 21C Anglophone Literature and Culture (esp. Britain + the Caribbean) at the University of Warwick. I am a graduate of English (BA) from the University of Nottingham and Modern and Contemporary Literature (MPhil) from the University of Cambridge.

This blog is irregular. When I find the time, I’m using it to compile developing thoughts about literature, politics, philosophy, cultural/critical theory, and their intersection. I also post what I call chicken scratchings. Beyond these things, I blog about ADHD-Autism and my experiences as an ADHD-Autistic.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a blog post across any of these areas, you can get in touch here.

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