About Me

My name is C.J. Griffin. I come from Northampton, England, but I wasn’t born there.

For the moment (2020-2024), I’m a doctoral researcher of Late 20C and 21C Anglophone Literature and Culture (esp. Britain + the Caribbean) at the University of Warwick. My research is focused on secrets and secrecy; specifically, how and why ‘the secret’ is a productive lens for reading some Anglophone novels. I am a graduate of English (BA) from the University of Nottingham. As a Cambridge Trust Scholar, I read Modern and Contemporary Literature (MPhil) at the University of Cambridge.

This blog is personal and irregular (cf. specific and professional). When I find the time, I throw together developing thoughts about literature, politics, philosophy, cultural/critical theory, and their intersection. I also post chicken scratchings. I call them ‘chicken scratchings’ because I find ‘creative writing’ to be an uncomfortable, bilious phrase and I wouldn’t consider myself a capital-w ‘Writer’ since a) I don’t write for a specific or imagined audience and b) because I don’t write professionally and/or for money. Beyond these things, I also blog about ADHD and Autism (AuDHD) and my experiences as an AuDHD person. I share helpful resources I have found, write from experience, and, in general, try to roll back the dehumanising malarkey out there by throwing in my two pence.

If you’re interested in collaborating on something (writing, some project) or you read something here and want to talk about it, you can get in touch here. If you’re some automated, business bot — politely shove it in your cyber-craw and sod off!

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